Recent updates to the 1000 Friends of Fresno Downtown Fresno Coalition page:

  • Links to the Event Calendar for Fulton Plaza Thursdays events, including photos by Brad Polzin.
  • Downtown restaurants, listed by category and area.
  • Downtown parking guide with printable maps.
  • Stadium parking map.
  • History of Fulton Mall revitalization efforts.
  • Links to Chinatown events, history, projects and businesses.
  • Updated links to historic architecture in Fresno.

Recent updates to the 1000 Friends of Fresno Elected Officials page:

  • Links to federal, state, and local representatives, with addresses, phone, and e-mail information.
  • Maps ofdistricts for Assemblyman, Board of Supervisors, and City Council members.

  •  Links to campaign finance disclosure reports and data for Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and Assemblyman Arambula. (Additional campaign finance information for other elected officials will be added shortly.)


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